On Concessional Passes of A.P.S.R.T.C.

  1. What are the various Types of bus passes available?
  2. What is the Cost of each type of bus pass?
  3. What is the Eligibility for each type of bus pass?
  4. What is the Validity of each type of bus pass?
  5. What is "Travel As You Like Ticket"?
  6. What is "Holiday Ticket"?
  7. Procedure to obtain bus passes?
  8. How much Concession is being extended on season passes?
  9. What is their Validity?
1. There are 31 types of bus passes available in cities / towns and in rural areas.
2. The cost of each type of bus pass is indicated at Annexure 'A'.
3. The eligibility criteria depends upon the nature of pass the person intends to obtain. The category-wise eligibility criteria is given at Annexure-'B'.
4.Bus passes are issued monthly / quarterly and annually depending upon the type of bus pass being issued / obtained to / by the holder.
5. "Travel As You Like Ticket" is a ticket issued to the passenger entitling to perform unrestricted journey on that day by the services for which it is valid. These tickets are available with conductors on all days of the month including holidays and Sundays.
6. Presently, the system of issuing Holiday Ticket is superceded by the scheme"Travel As You Like Ticket".
7. The intending bus pass holder is required to fill the columns provided in the bus pass application form and fulfill other requisite conditions prescribed for obtaining the type of bus pass he intends to avail.
8. 1/3rd concession in normal fares is provided to the season ticket holders entitling to perform one 'Up' and one 'Down' journey on all days of the month including Sundays and holidays.
9. The validity of the season ticket is one month commencing from the date of issue.


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