On Concessional Schemes of A.P.S.R.T.C.

  1. How much amount is being charged for Return Journey Ticket?
  2. What is Return Journey Ticket?
  3. Is there any facility to book Return Journey Ticket through phone?
  4. Are these tickets available with Authorized Ticket Booking Agents?
  1. What is TREATS?
  2. Is it for one side journeys or round journeys?
  3. What is the validity of scheme?
  4. Details of buses under operation from peripheral areas in twin cities?
1. It is a "Concessional Annual Travel Card" which facilitates the card holder to avail 10% concession during the travel while paying the fare itself.
2. CAT Card can be purchased at all the Bus Depots and at Major Bus Stations.
3.Rs.200/- (Two Hundred Rupees only) for one year
4.Yes. This card is valid in all the types of services, except in City Services.
5.The CAT card entitles a 10% concession on fare in all the types of APSRTC's bus services, except City services and Rs. 1.5 lakh additional compensation in case of death while traveling in APSRTC buses.
6. No, it is not transferable.
2. Rs.700/- for adult and Rs.350/- for Child of JHT and Rs.1100/- for adult and Rs.550/- for child IJET ticket.
3. 7 days.

5.Unrestricted travel for a 7 day period.

  • No charge for reserving seats in advance.
  • Preference in ticket issuing.
  • No waiting in queue.
1. 10% concession in Return Journey fare in the routes of Hyderabad to Vijayawada ,Tirupati, Bangalore, Kakinada, Amalapuram . Vijayawada to Tirupati and Hyderabad. Kurnool to Vijayawada, Tirupati, Bangalore, Chennai. Kakinada to Hyderabad. Kadapa to Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore.Bangalore to hyderabad.Adilabad to Hyderabad. Amalapuram to Hyderabad. Tirupati to Vijayawada, Hydearabad. Return Journey Ticket fare is a combined fare of both up and down journeys and it differs from route to route according to distance.
2. Return Journey Ticket is "reserving Return Journey Ticket in advance i.e. at the time of onward journey itself". The return journey seat can be confirmed while commencing onward journey or after performing onward journey.
3. Yes, passenger can book Return Journey Ticket over phone and can receive at home.
4. Return Journey Tickets can also be purchased at all computerized ATB Agents also
1. TREATS (Travel Regularly and Earn an Additional (free) trip scheme) is a scheme for frequent pliers on route Hyderabad-Vijayawada and Hyderabad-Bangalore. The passenger who enrolled in this scheme, on performing 5 single trips on the routes, will be allowed to perform 6th trip free of cost, within a block period of 60 days.
2. For calculating number of trips performed, each single trip will be taken into account.
3. The TREATS member have to perform all these 6 trips (including free trip) within a block period of 60 days.

4. There are 82 buses under operation to various long distance places from the peripheral points of TWIN Cities:

1. From BHEL 32 buses
2. From KPHB 24 buses.
3. From Mehdipatnam 2 buses
4. From A.S.R Nagar/ECIL/NRMT 14 buses
5. From Jeedimetla 8 buses
6. From S.R.Nagar 1 bus
7. From Uppal 1 bus



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