Guinness Record

Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

[(Section 4(1)(b)(ii)]

(CHAPTER - 3 )



EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (ZONES): He is responsible for translating the corporate objectives, policies and systems into action at field level and to utilize the resources optimally. He shall render effective and efficient bus operations streamlining the interregional bus operations, ensure timely supply of the spares from Zonal Stores, re-conditioned units from Zonal Workshops and tyres from Tyre Retreading Shops. He shall closely monitor the manpower unitization and the financial health of depots and give timely advice after careful inspections. He is assisted by Regional Managers.

REGIONAL MANAGERS: He is responsible for the district level operations & performance of business according to the corporate policies. He is to streamline the inter division and inter depot operations and has a close monitoring of man power utilization, financial performance, requirements of depots, performance of depots in several operational and mechanical engineering parameters. He is the review authority in disciplinary matters.

DIVISIONAL MANAGERS: He is responsible for the operational and maintenance aspects of the depots in his jurisdiction that sprawl approximately half of the district. He shall study the operational requirements in field; inspect the mechanical engineering sections, stores and personnel sections. He will give the necessary advice on all aspects of functioning of the depot by closely monitoring the depots. He is the appellate authority in disciplinary matters.

EMPLOYEES: All the employees will discharge their designated duties under the guidance and supervision of their respective officers according to the organizational structure with the sole aim of achieving the corporate objective.



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