The following prohibited items are not allowed in the bus.

I- Petrol 2. Diesel Oil 3. Gasoline 4. Kerosene Oil 5. Methylated spirits 6. Turpentine 7. Acids 8. Sulphur 9. Caal Tar 10. Gunpowder 11. Guns (loaded) and Cartridges 12. Uri-tanned Leather, Skin, Feathers and Hides 13. Raw Fish 14. Dry Fish 15. Crackers/Explosives 16. Cylinders containing Compressed Gas, 17.Dead Bodies of human beings and Animals 18- Contraband Articles, 19.Lin Authorised forest produce 20. Bones/Horne 21. Pet animals and other animals
22. Batteries (not crated, 23. Charcoal 24, Unpacked Cinema Films 25, Unpacked Cotton bales 26. Unpacked thy leaves 27, Unpacked Woolen Goods 28. Opium 29. Narcotic preparations and Hemp 30. Prohibited forest produce. 31.Any other item prohibited by law from time to time, 32,Gutkha Pain Masala containing tobacco Nicotine Newly included items, 33, Scooters/Motor Cycles 34. Human Hair 35. Blood Worms (Sal Water Worms).



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