 TARGET GROUP: Pilgrims, sales personnel, business people etc.,
 TARIFF: Rs.600/- .
 VALIDITY: Valid for 7 days in all Intra and Interstate (Non A/C) services of APSRTC.
 CONCESSION: 50% concession over fare.
 There is no separate card for children. 50% concession on the applicable ticket fare (for adult/ child) shall be given to the Vihari card holder.
 Cancellation of Vihari Card : Cancellation of Vihari Card will be allowed on surrendering the card at the place of purchase before 00.00 Hrs of the day prior to the day of the commencement of the validity of the card duly deducting 25% of the card value i.e., to refund Rs.450/- only.
 The card can be purchased 7 days in advance.
 Existing cancellations rules shall be applicable for cancellation of the tickets booked on the strength of Vihari Card.
 This card is invalid in the absence of Signatures of the card holder and issuing authority with seal and the card is not transferable. Modification of validity period is not allowed.
 Once the validity period / Journey commences no refund Is allowed.
 Advance reservation of seat can be made at Bus Station or ATB counters.
 This card is not valid in special services operated with 1.5 times fare during Special occasions/ Jatharas.
 Unauthorized writing/ alterations etc., result in confiscation of card and loss of benefits / concessions entitled to the card holder.
 Loss of Card entails in purchase of fresh ticket by paying difference of fare for the journey performing on par with the regular fare paying passengers.
 Corporation is not responsible for any claims in case of enroute failures etc., and non-operation of services for reasons beyond its control.
 Duplication of card in any form is not valid for travel.


 TARGET GROUP: City visitors.
 TARIFF: Rs. 70/-
 VALIDITY: Travel any number of times in a calendar day in the city limits.
 APPLICABILITY: In VJA & VSP cities only.

3. SILVER CARDS (Monthly Season Ticket):

 TARGET GROUP: Petty Vendors, Employees of Organised & unorganised sector who travel between 2 fixed places.
 TARIFF: Permitted to travel two times a day between these places for 30 days with the fare of 20 days.
 Separate cards are available for TVG, Exp & UDLX products.
 Silver cards are issued up to 100 Kms with 5 Kms slabs.
 Passengers intending to travel from 76th km to 100th Km are facilitated to travel with a single slab tariff of 80 Kms fare.
 There are no child tickets in Silver cards category.
 For first two stages Silver cards is not issued for Express & UDLX buses.


 Teluguvelugu Silver card holder is allowed to travel in EXP buses, by collecting a flat fare of Rs.5/- for each trip.
 Similarly, Express Silver card holder is allowed to travel in Ultra Deluxe buses by collecting Rs.15/- flat fare.
 Express Silver card holders are allowed to travel in NON-STOP Express/UDLX buses also.

4. ATB (Authorized Ticket Booking) Agents:

The following guidelines are applicable for appointing new ATB agents:

Qualification of applicant:
Must be Indian national of age 18 years & above. For age proof, the applicant shall submit copy of SSC/passport/birth certificate/driving license/voter Identity Card/ Aadhar card. For identity proof, the applicant shall submit copies of PAN card & Aadhar card.

1) Criterion for appointing ATB agent :

a) At locations other than bus stations: Through open invitation.
b) At Bus stations : Whoever offers to pay highest, License fee per month.

2) Process for appointing ATB agent :

 Application form on white paper from interested person shall be obtained.
 Regional committee comprising 3 region level officers shall inspect and finalize the points where the agency is to be opened.
 Regional Manager shall approve and enter into agreement with the new online ATB agent duly collecting non-refundable allotment fee applicable.

3) Allotment fee :

Each applicant has to pay non-refundable allotment fee at the time of appointment as mentioned below:
Vijayawada, Tirupathi, Rajamahendravaram, Visakhapatnam & Guntur. Rs. 5,000/-
Hyderabad, Chennai & Bengaluru. Rs. 5,000/-
At any place other than the above places of Andhra Pradesh & Inter states. Rs. 1,000/-.

Period of agency :

Initial period of agreement will be for five years and this can be extended upto three more years based on the performance of the agent without collecting any additional fee. Regional Manager concerned shall have the authority to extend the period.

4) Sale of tickets:
The agent can sell tickets through top-up system i.e., on prepaid basis. Booking of tickets is allowed up to Rs. 100/- balance available to the credit of the agent.



Type of Bus
Single Journey
Return Journey

Tirumala - Papavinashanam
Sap Exp
Tirupati - Kanipakam
TPT bus station – Thiruchanur
City Ord
TPT railway station – Thiruchanur


 Return journey facility is available for all AC type services also.


To facilitate long distance (250 Kms and above) passengers, free pick up and dropping facility is extended by city and district buses (bound to peripheral colonies) from their residence to the Journey origin point and on arrival at main bus station to reach their place of residence in the peripheral areas (In Vijayawada & Visakhapatnam).


OPRS have 4 streams like Advance reservation counters of bus stations, authorized ticket booking agents available at various localities, online booking & booking through web sites of our Franchisees.

 Customer can book tickets 30 days in advance in OPRS.
 Pre-ponement and post-ponement of ticket is allowed for one time.

.1 E-Ticketing:


 Ticket can be obtained with ease from the place of stay of customer with the help of Personal Computer/ Laptop/ Tab/ Smart phone duly visiting official website / APSRTC official mobile app.
 Payment can be made through Debit card/ Credit card/ Net banking/ RTC e-wallet.
 Cancellation of ticket is also permitted online.

9.2. Mobile App:

APSRTC mobile app

 Customer can obtain advance reservation tickets with ease & know real time of services through this app.
 APSRTC mobile app can be downloaded by clicking url being communicated through promotional SMS received at the time of booking ticket.

It can be downloaded through Google play store/App store by searching for APSRTC. APSRTC App as depicted above will appear on the screen. The button is to be clicked for installing.

9.3. e-wallet:

Customers can obtain reservation of seats in shortest possible time with the help of e-wallet.

 E-wallet account can be opened even with Zero amount.
 E-wallet account holder shall pay payment gateway charges @ 1.5% as against normal rate @ 2.5% during top up of e-wallet i.e., customer will have benefit of 1%.
 5% cash back on fare shall be allowed to customers by way of crediting the amount to respective e-wallet account after their travel on the strength of tickets purchased through e-wallet.
 E-wallet account holder can transfer money from wallet to another swiftly without incurring additional expenditure.
 Fare will be refunded instantaneously in case of cancellation of pre- reserved ticket duly crediting the e-wallet account.




The ticket Cancellation slabs and the amount eligible for refund is given by the following table.

Notice of Cancellation
Amount retained
More than 48 hrs before the Sch. Dep. of The bus Only reservation charges
From 48 hrs. Before and upto 24 hrs. before the Sch. Dep. Time of the bus 10% of the actual fare + reservation charges.
From 24 hrs. before and upto 2 hrs. before the Sch. Dep. Time of the bus 25% of the actual fare + Reservation charges.
Upto 1 hr. before Sch. Dep. of the bus at the Origin (Paper tickets through agents, e-tickets...) 50% of the actual fare + Reservation charges.
Within 1 hr of Sch. Dep/ After Sch. Dep of the bus at the Origin (Paper tickets through agents, e-tickets...) No Refund
Upto Sch. Dep Time of the bus ( For printed stock tickets purchased in RTC Bus Stations) 50% of the actual fare + Reservation charges.
upto 1 hr. after Sch. Dep. of the bus ( For printed stock tickets purchased in RTC Bus Stations) 75% of the actual fare + Reservation charges.
After 1 hr. of Sch. Dep of the bus( For printed stock tickets purchased in RTC Bus Stations) No Refund



Passengers can obtain direct ticket for long distance services which do not pass through their villages but can reach boarding place duly travelling by other services of RTC.

11. Transfer ticket:

 Introduced as passenger friendly measure, to mitigate hardship being faced by customers at time of cancellation of services.
 Passenger can travel by any other services of his convenience plying on the same route provided he expresses his consent when contacted by RTC personnel for this purpose.

12. Auto refund of fare:

Auto refund of fare facility is applicable for e-ticket holding customers in the following context:

1) When services are cancelled.
2) When ticket is not generated due to transaction failure.
3) When ticket is not generated due to unconfirmed waiting list.

Fare will be refunded to respective bank account of passenger within 7 to 14 working days.



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