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Famous Places - Mantralayam

Manthralayam, located in Kurnool district is a famous centre of pilgrimage for Hindus in South India. Conveniently linked by buses to all major cities in Andhra Pradesh, this pilgrim centre in draws devotees from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in large numbers.The mutt, called the Raghavendra brindavanam, houses the jeeva samadhi of Swamy Raghavendra, a great saint of the sixteenth century who was an exponent of the Dwaita School. He entered alive into the samadhi on Bidagi day on shravana bahula in Vasodhikritanama sanvatsara.

On the day jeeva samadhi, the saint completed all the morning rituals and granted final benediction to the assembled devotees and said,"Though I cast off my mortal frame, I shall always be here and protect the sanatana dharma according to the command of Shri Hari. I will abide here in my subtle body and protect all my devotees". So saying the saint directed his tearful devotees to raise a structure of holy stone sand seal it with 1200 Laxminarayana Saligrams.